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Table of Contents

A list of all San Juan pool & spa models with dimensions and links to dig plans, diagrams, and photos.

Advice regarding how to market your San Juan dealership including tips on television, radio, and print marketing.

San Juan Pools events calendar.

Allows dealers to find pools in-stock at Pool Depot and Pool Factory locations.

Lists all PoolWiki pages with discussion forum items attached. Note: You can start a forum topic on any Pool Wiki page by clicking the "forum" link.

Outlines the complete pool installation process from start to finish. This manual is intended primarily for San Juan Dealers.

Step by step photos on rolling a pool safety.

Two Timelaps Videos; Installation and Staging Area

Links to tools to expand your business.

Tips regarding pool ownership, maintenance, and treatment. This manual is intended primarily for pool owners, San Juan Dealers, and service technicians.

Limited Warranty and PDF download

Outlines a detailed checklist for maintaining high quality assurance on every pool installation.

Digital archives of previous Quarterly Newsletters from San Juan.

Video tutorials about installation, maintenance, etc...

Information and links to goverment regulations

Information, Forms, Sample Loads, etc...


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Welcome to PoolWiki, an internet resource developed by San Juan Pools to offer installation advice to our dealers. A "Wiki" is a website that can be openly edited so that you, as a reader, can insert your own thoughts. Your input may help other dealers, so we encourage you to add material as you see fit.

San Juan Pools

San Juan Pools would like to welcome you to the exciting world of Water! The San Juan family of professionals will do everything possible to make you a successful builder of the finest pools in the world.

Building one-piece fiberglass pools since 1958 has given San Juan experience and knowledge to guide you along the path to success. We don’t rely on our track record alone. San Juan is an innovative and expanding company continuously adding new designs and processes. Our new state of the art manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Indiana and Florida are always updating our existing pool shapes, as well, to keep our product line at the cutting edge of one-piece fiberglass pool technology.

San Juan is dedicated to help you not only by providing the best pool with the largest selection of shapes and sizes in the world, but also with a dedicated, courteous and professional staff. Our regional sales managers (RSM’s) are willing to work sales events to help you get sales. They will provide leads by utilizing our online capabilities and of course, the old-fashioned way, by phone. Our office staff will assist in any way possible to make sure all of your questions are answered. They will assist you with sales material, ordering pools, checking on status of orders and computer tracking to make sure your product arrives at your job site when requested.

Your responsibility in this relationship is clear. You must do your part and acquire necessary training to become a professional Pool Builder. You, also, must learn that along with superior products and the knowledge we can provide to help you reach this high level, it will help you to become a professional in every aspect of your business.

This can and will include the location and appearance of your place of business, your vehicle’s curb appeal, proper identification signage, and the organization and cleanliness of your job site. Make sure the language and music your staff uses is not offensive to the homeowner or their neighbors. Remember, people are watching and won’t forget what they see or hear. Paying attention to these details will lead to your success.

Thank you for using San Juan, and we wish you continued success.


The objective of is to provide educational tools in order to increase a dealer's productivity and awareness. Additionally, PoolWiki aims to familiarize existing and potential dealers with the San Juan Pool Models, Aqu@Mall, and other products.